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Spiritual Counseling

Please see a detailed description of each of the following Spiritual Counseling services that I offer, further down the page:

  • One-on-one Holy Spirit Sessions for guidance, insight, and/or affirmation of your heart’s desire.
  • Spiritual and Emotional Healing Sessions from deep seated, core-beliefs associated with one’s sense of separation from their Higher Power using a variety of spiritual tools and modalities as guided by Holy Spirit.

One-on-One Holy Spirit Sessions

We all have the capability of hearing Holy Spirit/The Voice for Love within us. My training and certification with The Voice for Love has enabled me to better realize this Voice and to speak, in a conversational way, answers to client’s questions. This is not a psychic reading or foretelling of the future as Unconditional Love does not violate one’s free will choice. This is not channeling as Holy Spirit/The Voice for Love uses me and the totality of my personality and unique life-experience to speak by my free will choice to yield and align with Holy Spirit/The Voice for Love.

The client need only prepare by thoughtfully considering the question or questions they would like to ask and on the day and time of the appointment, set aside uninterrupted time to give their open heart and willingness to our session.
Sessions are made by appointment and may take place in a variety of ways, at the client’s choosing, to include: over one’s conventional phone line, over my Free Conference Call line, Skype, or in person, if feasible.

I adhere to a strict and professional privacy ethic and do not share a client’s concerns, contact information or any other details of our sessions with any other persons. All sessions are strictly confidential.


$50 per session. Sessions last anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour, depending on the number of questions the client poses and the duration of the answer(s) given. Appointments and payment are to be made in advance.
Special package deal: A client may purchase, in advance, 4 sessions at one time and use them within a year for them self and/or gift them to friends and family, for $150, a savings of $50.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Sessions

I sincerely believe that all sense of scarcity and lack-- of everything imaginable--such as feeling “not enough,” feeling defective in any way, feeling a lack of time, lack of energy and health, lack of wisdom, guidance, respect; lack of connectedness and assistance from a power greater than one’s self; lack of grace, money, resources—you name it; all stem from one thing: a spiritual malady/misalignment/ misunderstanding. How well I know that while beneficial to a certain extent, self-knowledge and will power were ultimately ineffective to produce lasting freedom and serenity.

Emotions are beneficial pathways that can lead us to the subconscious beliefs and blocks we harbor. From a place of conscious connection to Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit speaks to the heart of the individual and can set them free.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Session appointments are one hour in duration and sessions can take place over video Skype or in person, if feasible. The client’s preparation is to read a pdf-format booklet that will be emailed to the client after payment is received and the first appointment is set. The client is to reply and return, by email, The Agreement to Terms page at the end of the booklet and then the first appointment will be set.

On the day and time of the appointment it is important to set aside a quiet, uninterrupted place to fully give one’s attention to their session. In addition to one-on-one appointments with each client, email and/or phone correspondence between sessions is included without charge, in between appointments/sessions.

I adhere to a strict and professional privacy ethic and do not share a client’s concerns, contact information or any other details of their sessions with any other persons. All sessions are strictly confidential.


Sessions are sold in 4, 1-hour packages for $500, with no additional charge for update emails between me and the Client in between one’s session appointments. After payment is received, the pdf-format booklet will be emailed to the client. Once the client has read the booklet and has emailed the Agreement to Terms page, granting their consent, the first Spiritual and Emotional Healing Session appointment will be set.

Future appointments will be scheduled according to the client’s need and pace. If, after the 4, 1-hour sessions are used, the client would like further appointments, they can be paid for, on a one-by-one basis, for $100 an hour.

You may contact me by email at hollybriggs@thevoiceforlove.com or call me care of 703-244-0318, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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"My experience of a Private Session was wonderful. The Holy Spirit was definitely present and came through Holly in a loving and positive way. She was a wonderful vehicle for the expression of the Holy Spirit."
- Janet B
"I had a video skype session with Holly for emotional healing . I heard Holy Spirit’s answer to me, directly and deeply in my own heart that totally abolished an irrational yet seemingly real lie I bought about myself at a very young age. That was 5 weeks’ ago and to this moment I have a sense of freedom and joy. I am going to come back for more sessions but right now I am still basking in this sense of peace. Thank you, Holly!"
- Victoria P.
"My group Workshop experience was Excellent! It is awesome to now know how to quiet my mind and be in deeper communication with my maker. And now I understand why and how to simply send out love to ALL of my thoughts."
- Natalie R
"I received clear messages from the Holy Spirit that I have taken to heart and will work on. I liked talking with Holly about some of the messages I received afterward, and felt like I could relate with her, even 100’s of miles away by conference line. The session was full of love and light. I felt very blessed. All of my questions were answered in a way I could receive them. Thank you!"
- M. Berimann
"What struck me most from being a part of her group Workshop last Saturday was that this is a simple process I actually can do to receive clear answers and communication from Spirit. I also gained confidence in the prayer and meditation practice I have been doing. Thank you, Holly!"
- K. Bernard
"I felt as if I heard everything that I so needed to hear NOW in my life and feel so equipped to move forward. Holly was a great facilitator, and I want to thank her--she is wonderful."
- Nancy M
"I was dumbstruck and delighted to realize that in all my years of a personal meditation practice I have been doing to realize my connection with Source—it never occurred to me until this one-on-one Workshop—to ASK questions and RECEIVE answers! I found new wind in my sails to finish writing my book, using The 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice."
- Denise P.