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My journey has not been very pretty. For some of us, repeatedly experiencing pain and consequences is the only way to finally get so sick and tired that there is no other recourse than to surrender and break free. Having spent years stuck in self-defeating and depressing thoughts and behavior, with a gnawing, existential sense of no meaning and purpose, failed attempts at relationships (including 2 marriages), no personal peace, dropping out of college 3 times, drug and alcohol addiction, being a hopelessly thwarted artist, are but a few of the few besetting conditions I found myself in. Yet, I know that without experiencing all of this I would not value so greatly that which I experience now. It has been worth the cost.  

Along the way of my search for meaning and purpose I profited greatly from my experiences and studies in Christianity, The Sedona Method, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, a 12-step program and, now, The Voice for Love.  My love-affair with The Voice for Love began during the summer of 2009 when, late one night, I googled:  “HOW TO HEAR GOD.” I was desperate and hell-bent on having some hands-on tools, as soon as possible. You see, after years of spiritual searching and intensely thorough and honest self-work, I succumbed to a condition of hopelessness and despair. It stemmed from an intense sense of disconnect with God.

Although I had found sobriety and was enjoying its benefits I was still experiencing dire consequences that not only corroded my serenity but my pocketbook, too. I found myself trusting those I shouldn’t and devaluing counsel and direction I should. My intuition was so spot-on sometimes and other times, what I thought was intuition, was delusional. So I wanted to understand once and for all, how to discern God’s wisdom and leading versus mine.  I believed it was possible that others could hear their Higher Power’s “voice” or prompting from within but my experience through-out MY life was that it was a rare thing, for special people only, required too much of something I did not (yet) have, and that it was a hit-or-miss thing-- regardless of the sincerity and perfection of my prayers and desire to apply spiritual tools.

I hungrily read The Voice for Love’s website and felt that the “30-Days to Hearing God’s Voice” DVD download was precisely what I wanted and well-worth the risk.  What did I have to lose? As it was the first day of the month I consistently practiced each of the 30 days’ lessons for that entire month. The tremendous, “AH HA” moments that occurred, all along the way of the course (well before the 30th day) were nothing short of miraculous to me. I felt as if a hundred, deeply imbedded, unanswered questions I had harbored—all my life--were neatly tied together and answered by The Voice for Love, and found that some of my deeply held beliefs that were holding me back were effortlessly vaporized!  I found such a depth of an abiding rest and peace that is here for me, to this day, simply by understanding that it is my free will choice to join with Holy Spirit at ANYTIME, OR to buy-in to the Ego’s orientation and its primary purpose which is to support the illusion that I am separate from God, period.

Honest enough to know that accountability and discipline were virtues that I had, historically, lacked I enrolled in the next scheduled year-long Voice for Love Certification Course.  I wanted to go deeper and practice more. Never did I ever think that one day I would learn how to share The Voice for Love with strangers and speak from the place of conscious connectedness with my Higher Power but that is what has transpired.  And I love it. After becoming a Certified Counselor, Facilitator and Minister with The Voice for Love I have since gone even deeper by becoming a Staff member, a Mentor to the new students, and am working towards Teacher Certification.  Additionally, I practice speaking from the place of aligning with The Voice for Love and speaking to others by volunteering 2 hours a week on the Voice for Love Hotline.

I am not the healer, Holy Spirit, The Voice for Love, is. Holy Spirit restores us to the Truth of “who” and “what” we are: beloved, loved unconditionally and without an agenda, and an extension of Love itself.  Holy Spirit discerns where we harbor illusions of separateness and blockages to Love.  My life experience makes me a sensitive, intuitive and empathetic servant, willing to surrender to Holy Spirit’s leading as to restoring others to the Truth of who they are.

I live in northern Virginia, USA, just west of Washington, DC, with my beloved husband and precious cat, in close-proximity to two of my siblings and my aging parents’ homes.  I am a very active volunteer in the community around me; enjoy decorating, making collages, organizing, and broadening my understanding of the nature of being human and living well in spiritual freedom.

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You may contact me by email at hollybriggs@thevoiceforlove.com or call me care of 703-244-0318 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

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"My experience of a Private Session was wonderful. The Holy Spirit was definitely present and came through Holly in a loving and positive way. She was a wonderful vehicle for the expression of the Holy Spirit."
- Janet B
"I had a video skype session with Holly for emotional healing . I heard Holy Spirit’s answer to me, directly and deeply in my own heart that totally abolished an irrational yet seemingly real lie I bought about myself at a very young age. That was 5 weeks’ ago and to this moment I have a sense of freedom and joy. I am going to come back for more sessions but right now I am still basking in this sense of peace. Thank you, Holly!"
- Victoria P.
"My group Workshop experience was Excellent! It is awesome to now know how to quiet my mind and be in deeper communication with my maker. And now I understand why and how to simply send out love to ALL of my thoughts."
- Natalie R
"I received clear messages from the Holy Spirit that I have taken to heart and will work on. I liked talking with Holly about some of the messages I received afterward, and felt like I could relate with her, even 100’s of miles away by conference line. The session was full of love and light. I felt very blessed. All of my questions were answered in a way I could receive them. Thank you!"
- M. Berimann
"What struck me most from being a part of her group Workshop last Saturday was that this is a simple process I actually can do to receive clear answers and communication from Spirit. I also gained confidence in the prayer and meditation practice I have been doing. Thank you, Holly!"
- K. Bernard
"I felt as if I heard everything that I so needed to hear NOW in my life and feel so equipped to move forward. Holly was a great facilitator, and I want to thank her--she is wonderful."
- Nancy M
"I was dumbstruck and delighted to realize that in all my years of a personal meditation practice I have been doing to realize my connection with Source—it never occurred to me until this one-on-one Workshop—to ASK questions and RECEIVE answers! I found new wind in my sails to finish writing my book, using The 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice."
- Denise P.